Rawls and the TPP: Some thoughts on why progressives should be pro-trade

One of the biggest challenges I face as an effectively anonymous contributor to online discussions about international trade policy is trying to deflect the harsh criticism my usual fellow-travelers on the left direct at me for being enthusiastic about global trade and investment agreements. Orthodoxy suggests that generic social democrats (of which I count myself) […]

Tobacco & Global Governance: Philip Morris v Australia in Context

A recent article in the Huffington Post by one of my favourite trade and investment law commentators discussed the draft TPP’s exclusion of tobacco-related public health policies from investment arbitration. An ongoing case brought forward against Australia by Philip Morris over cigarette plain packaging rules has been a flash-point for anti-ISDS critics. Given the extraordinary […]

EU-Vietnam finalize trade deal

My wife is from beautiful Bac Giang province in northern Vietnam and my many visits to the country have been overwhelmingly positive. So any news story linking my favourite country to my favourite topic merit a blog post. The EU and Vietnam have finalized a trade and investment agreement. This is good news for both […]